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Launca Scanner DL-206 Intraoral Portable is a dental 3D scanner without a cart/trolley. This is professional equipment with high accuracy, high-speed scanning, and intuitive workflow. 

  • Dental Intraoral 3D Scanner
  • High Accuracy & Resolution
  • High-Speed Scanning
  • 20mm Scan Depth
SKU 99251
Brand Launca Medical

Product description

Launca Scanner DL-206P Intraoral - Portable is a dental 3D scanner only (without cart/trolley). With high-speed scanning, superior data quality, intuitive workflow and outstanding visualization capabilities, Launca DL-206P intraoral scanner is the ideal starting point for dental practices to enter digital dentistry.

  • intraoral dental 3D scanner - for the dental industry with wide applications of scanning: crowns, veneers, multi-unit implants, orthodontics, up to 5-unit bridges, post and core, inlays and onlays
  • light weight - ergonomic design and light weight at just 250g. DL-206P is easy to grip without feeling fatigue, providing a comfortable scanning experience for users
  • vivid color visualization - a specialized RGB camera gives you a photorealistic color visualization experience. By combining its color information with the rich detail and sharpness of the HD 3D image, DL-206 can simultaneously capture 3D images in color with highly accurate 3D scanning.
  • high speed scanning - DL-206P is capable of finishing scanning full-arch scan within 30 seconds
  • high resolution image and accuracy - full jaw accuracy 0.01mm and global accuracy 0.06mm. 
  • 20 mm scan depth - higher scan depth enables perfect sharpness and outstanding precision for deeper lying indications
  • Launca  AI Scan - great software tool for dentists

Technical Specification

  • Dimension: 270mm x 45mm x 37mm
  • Weight: 250g
  • Tip size: 16.6mm x 16mm
  • Scan field of view: 15.5mm x 11mm
  • Data capturing mode: Video-type
  • Light Projection:  High Density LED light dots
  • Data format: STL/PLY


Product specifications

Brand Launca Medical
Product State New
Promo title Discount
Country Of Origin South Korea
Size Small
Accessory Types 3D Scanner
Product application Dental
Scan Area (mm) 15.5 x 11
Accuracy (μm) 10.00
Product Weight (g) 250.00

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