New!Shining 3D Scanner EinScan Pro 2X V2 Bundle

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Shining 3D Scanner EinScan Pro 2X V2 Bundle is a highly accurate 3D scanner that comes together with an Industrial Pack for enabling the Fixed Scan with or without a turntable.

  • High-Accurate 3D Scanner
  • Great for Small to Medium Size Objects
  • Fast Scan Speed
  • Includes Industrial Pack!
SKU 100366
Brand Shining 3D

Product description

Shining 3D Scanner EinScan Pro 2X V2 Bundle is a 3D scanner that comes together with the Industrial Pack. The scanner is a truly portable and versatile handheld device for high-precision results. The 3D Scanner has high accuracy, catches fine details, and works even faster than before. 

This is a Bundle that includes: 

  • Shining 3D Scanner EinScan Pro 2X V2
  • Industrial Pack

  • a great option for scanning small to medium-sized objects
  • scan faster and more accurately - processing up to 1.500.000 points per second under handheld scan mode
  • ideal for high-quality 3D modeling
  • versatile scan modes and align modes
  • modular design scans objects of all sizes
  • ergonomic design - light weight, good size, you can easily take the scanner anywhere you go
  • EXScan Pro - powerful and intuitive software

EinScan Industrial Pack

Capture high-accuracy and high-resolution 3D data of small to medium objects. Industrial Pack enables Fixed Scan with or without turntable to achieve high accuracy and details,  allowing turntable alignment and coded target alignment for various possibilities of scanning small to medium size. 

For completing a 360-degree automatic scan in a few minutes. Recommend for small objects such as industrial components, ornaments, and small artistic pieces. 

Technical Specification

  • Scan Accuracy: up to 0.045mm (Handheld HD Scan) up to 0.1mm (Handheld Rapid Scan) up to 0.04mm (Fixed Scan with or without Turntable)
  • Scan Speed: 10 frames/s (Handheld HD Scan) 30 frames/s (Handheld Rapid Scan) single scan <1s (Fixed Scan)
  • Point Distance: 0.2-2mm (Handheld HD Scan) 0.2-2mm (Handheld Rapid Scan) 0.16mm (Fixed Scan)
  • Single Scan Range: 150*120mm - 250*200mm 
  • Working Distance: 400mm
  • Light Source: LED
  • Software: ExScan Pro, Solid Edge Shining 3D Edition
  • Output Formats: OBJ, STL, ASC, PLY, P3, 3MF
  • Scanner Body Weight: 1.13kg
  • Size of Scanner: 370mm x 365mm x 135mm


Product specifications

Brand Shining 3D
Product State New
Promo title New
External stock Ships in 1 or 2 working days
Country Of Origin China
Size Medium
Product application Education, Industrial, Prototyping
Accessory Types 3D Scanner, Tools
Manufacturer EAN 600752440226
Scan Area (mm) 150*120 - 250*200
Accuracy (μm) 40.00
Point Spacing (mm) 0.2000

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