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Raise3D DF2 DLP 3D printer provides fast printing speeds, smooth surfaces, high precision, and exceptional reliability. It is designed for engineering prototyping.

We expect the product in Q2 2024

  • DLP Industrial 3D Printer
  • Ideal for Small-Batch Production
SKU 100112
Brand Raise 3D
Industries Manufacturing, Prototyping
Technologies DLP

Product description

Raise3D DF2 3D Printer is a Digital Light Printing (DLP) printing system that provides fast printing speeds, smooth surfaces, high precision, and exceptional reliability. It is designed for engineering prototyping, manufacturing aids, and low-volume production using a wide variety of high-performance resins. Discover the efficient workflow via RFID! 

  • high-precision printing - reproduces every tiny detail. From intricate model designs to complex engineering prototypes, the Raise3D DF2 printer adopts top-performing optical components,  so that every detail is captured with the utmost accuracy
  • professional competence for more possibilities - bigger, faster, better
  • small batch production with consistent prints - the printer adapts effortlessly to the scale of production and maintains consistent quality
  • smart build platform with RFID - RFID automatically stores and reads the relevant parameters of an entire workflow for printing, washing, and  curing and is easy to mount and unmount, reducing the need for tedious manual operations
  • consistently printing every time 
  • efficient material management - ultrasonic liquid level detection module and automatic design. Automatically replenish the container with material
  • resin compatibility - works great with high-performance engineering resins, with 3rd party materials like Henkel/Loctite or BASF materials
  • works best as end-to-end DLP printing workflow - works best with the matching post-processing solution: the DF wash and DF cure

Technical Specification

    • Print Technology: DLP
    • Build Volume (WxDxH): 200mm x 112mm x 300mm
    • Machine Size (WxDxH): 450mm x 400mm x 730mm
    • Layer Height: 50-100 microns
    • XY Resolution: 2560 x 1440
    • Max Z Workload: 10 kg
    • Max Printing Speed: 25 mm/h (0.1 mm per layer)
    • Layer Height: 50-100 microns
    • Resin Level Detection: Yes
    • Auto Resin Refill: Yes
    • Control Panel: Touch Screen (1920 x 720, Magic Layout)
    • RFID Print Platform: Yes
    • Level Calibration: Calibrated in Factory
    • Chamber Heating: Yes (Max. 40℃)
    • Compatible Resins: Raise3D resins and the 3rd party resins: supported by open resin program through validation


      Product specifications

      Brand Raise 3D
      Product State New
      Country Of Origin China
      3D Printer Types Resin Printers
      Build size Medium
      Promo title Pre-order now
      3D Printer UV Bandwidth 405nm
      Max. print speed (mm/hour) 25
      Print Resolution (µm) 78
      Projection technology DLP
      3D Printer Application Manufacturing, Prototyping
      Technology DLP
      Machine Serie Raise3D DF
      Machine Model DF2
      Expert level Advanced, Industrial, Average, Professional
      Product application Industrial, Prototyping
      Manufacturer EAN 6942267302357
      Minimal layer height (microns) 50.00
      Build volume width (mm) 200.00

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      Technical Data Sheet
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