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HP Multi Jet Fusion 580 – Demo deal

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HP Jet Fusion 580 Color 3D printer allows to produce in full color functional parts from polyamide powder

  • Extremely accurate: functional parts with complex details

  • Full-color with voxel-level control: adjust characteristics

  • High paced prints: almost 10x faster than the competition

  • No support material: powder is the support, easy to dust

  • Recycle waste: re-use your waste

SKU: 89269

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SKU 89269
Brand HP
Industries Education, Manufacturing, Medical
Technologies MJF

Product description

Are you in search of one of the most complete and demanding additive manufacturing solutions on the market? Looking for a versatile industrial-grade 3D printer that outputs professional, extremely detailed and colorful looking products, parts and models with great mechanical properties? Then the HP Multi Jet Fusion 580 3D printer is the answer for your organization.

This printer has the ability to produce clean and colorful engineering-grade parts with incredible mechanical properties at high paced print speeds. The HP Multi Jet Fusion 580 enables to enlarge your efficiency and productivity als multiple engineering parts or various prototypes can be printed simultaneously. Some unique features are:

  • Extremely accurate: and can print functional parts with complex details

  • Full-color with voxel-level control: a wide variety of voxel transforming agents enables to adjust mechanical characteristics and appearance

  • High paced prints: printing speeds up to 1.817 cm3 per hour, that’s almost 10 times faster compared to competitors in the same price and market segment  

  • No support material: the powder functions as a support material in any direction, easily to dust off after printing

  • Recycle waste: the powder left over is re-usable after printing, reduce your waste in the most optimal way

Product specifications

Brand HP
3D Printer Types Powder Printers
Build size Medium
Product State New
Promo title Demo model
Country Of Origin United States of America
3D Printer Application Education, Manufacturing, Medical
Technology MJF
Machine Serie HP Multi Jet Fusion
Expert level Professional
Product Size (WxDxH) 1565mm x 955mm x 1505mm
Product Weight (g) 650000.00
Minimal layer height (microns) 80.00
Printhead Resolution (dpi) 1200.00
Build volume width (mm) 190.00