Henkel/Loctite 3D Resin IND475

Henkel/Loctite 3D Resin IND475 is a soft material suitable for applications where resilience, snapback, and tear resistance are needed.

  • True Elastomeric Behavior - Shore 57A
  • High Rebound & Resilience
  • Ideal for Air & Dust Gaskets
  • For DLP 3D Printers

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SKU 99847
Brand Henkel/Loctite

Product description

Henkel/Loctite 3D Resin IND475 A60 High Rebound is a soft, elastomeric material. IND475 is suitable for applications where resilience, snapback, and tear resistance are desired, such as lattice structures and functional prototyping. Easy to print on a variety of platforms, making it a superior material for elastomeric applications. The material is for DLP-type of 3D printers and is available in two colors.

  • true elastomeric behavior - shore A57
  • biocompatible material - certificate for irritation IS0 10993-23
  • low shrinkage  and fast printing
  • high resilience - high energy return
  • available in two colors - white and black
  • great balance of hardness, strength, and elongation
  • ideal for functional prototyping - gaskets, seals, housings, cushioning pads
  • for DLP 3D Printers

Technical Specification

  • Volume: 1KG
  • Viscosity: 1400 cP (white) 1500 cP (black)
  • Surface Hardness: 57 Shore A
  • Tensile Strength: 3.1 ± 0.3 MPa (white) 2.4 ± 0.6 MPa (black)
  • Young’s Modulus: 1.1 ± 0.5MPa (white) 2.5 ± 0.3 MPa (black)
  • EAB: 201 ± 16% (white) 122 ± 11% (black)
  • Energy Return:  55% (white) 77 ± 4 % (black)

Confirmed Compatibility with

  • RapidShape i30+
  • Prusa SL1S Speed
  • Asiga MAX UV

Safety Rules

  • Make sure to store the resin in dark and room temperature
  • Always wear protective gloves during working with resin
  • For more information please check the "Downloads" section 


Product specifications

Brand Henkel/Loctite
Shore hardness A57
Product State New
Material Group UV Resin
External stock Ships in 1 to 2 weeks
Country Of Origin United States of America
Resin Wavelength (nm) 385, 405
Material Types Resins
Material Properties Elastic, Impact Resistance, Biocompatible, Low Shrinkage
Resin for DLP
Product application Manufacturing, Industrial, Prototyping
Color Name Black, White
Package Size 1 KG