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Available soon! Heated Resin Mixer

Heated Resin Mixer is an efficient mixing and active heating device to pre-prepare the resin before the printing process. 

  • Improve 3D Printing Success Rate
  • Ensure Quality Consistency
  • Efficient Mixing & Heating
  • Easy to Operate
  • Widely Applicable
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Product description

Heated Resin Mixer is a perfect tool for pre-preparation of your resin before 3D printing. Heated Resin Mixer improves 33D printing success rate and ensures quality consistency. 

  • heating and rolling the resin before printing - the machine is rolling and heating the resin to prepare it before 3D printing to increase the chances of success printing 
  • efficient mixing - high speed, low speed, forward and reverse two-way shaking, automatic steering
  • active heating - no heating, 40°C, 50°C, three modes available. Upper and lower surround heating design, efficient heating
  • easy to use
  • widely applicable - compatible with multiple brands and specifications
  • suitable for most resins - including common packages 250/500/1000g

Why do you need to shake the resin well?

Photosensitive resin is a colloidal substance composed of polymers. The denser particles inside are easy to settle.  Uneven resin can easily lead to printing failure or poor quality. Shaking the resin evenly can improve the success rate of printing and ensure the quality of printed products. 

Why does resin need to be heated before printing?

Some resin materials have high viscosity and low fluidity.  Heating can greatly reduce the viscosity of the material and can be used for printing. Some resins are transported in solid form and must be heated and melted before printing. The required printing environment is around 25 to 30°C. The resin placed at low temperatures has a high viscosity and low activity, which is not conducive to printing. Heating before printing can improve the printing success rate. Note that the pre-printing heating function is recommended to be used with a printer with a heater to ensure temperature stability during the printing process. In addition, some resins are not resistant to low temperatures (such as casting resins) and will precipitate some components after being stored in a low-temperature environment, and require heating to fully dissolve).

Technical Specification

  • Product model: HM01
  • Rotate Speed: 35/50 rpm
  • Input Power: AC100V - 240V, 50/60 Hz
  • Max Working Power: 48W
  • Max Working Electricity: 1.8A
  • Product Net Weight: 1300g
  • Maximum Load Bearing: 1kg
  • Applicable Specifications: 250/500/1000g
  • Product Size: 270 (L) x 125 (W) x 170 (H) mm
  • Product Certifications: FCC/ CE/ RoHS


Product specifications

Size Medium
Brand OEM
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