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Graphy Tera Harz Spinner V2 is an upgraded post-processing solution to remove the residues from the direct aligners. Safe your time, and do it efficiently!

  • Efficient Resin Wash
  • Fast Spinning
  • Durable, Silent & Practical
  • Ideal for Cleaning Aligners
SKU 100003
Brand Graphy

Product description

Graphy Tera Harz Spinner is a post-processing device to remove uncured material residues from the direct aligners. It is an accurate machine, fast and silent. Spinner has also a rotation control device to avoid any deformation of the aligner following the applied centrifugal force. Graphy Tera Harz Spinner has a patented heating system and a drawer for the collection of the removed material. 

  • efficient resin wash
  • fast spinning
  • durable, silent, and practical
  • patented heating system 
  • ideal for cleaning clear aligners

Technical Specification

  • Size: 390mm x 450mm x 430mm
  • Weight: 14kg
  • Capacity: 16 aligners max
  • RPM: 500rpm
  • Time: adjustable time (aligner in 5 minutes)
  • Function: Digital display, resin recyclable drawer, heating inside


Product specifications

Brand Graphy
Product State New
External stock Availability on request
Country Of Origin South Korea
Promo title Contact us
Product application Dental
Equipment Types Resin cleaning
Post Processing for Resin
Taric code 8405.19.00
Manufacturer EAN 9505559113276

Product downloads

Technical Data Sheet
User Manual