Graphy CureM U102H (Dental)

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  • Powerful Dental Cure
  • Fast Curing Time
  • To Maximize Material Properties
SKU 82393
Brand Graphy
Technologies DLP, mSLA(LCD)

Product description

Graphy CureM U102H is a post-processing machine used after the 3D printing process and is dedicated to the dental industry. CureM is a high-intensity curing solution and is required to properly cure most resins of Graphy. The machine has 5 levels of curing and has a spectrum of 385, 395, and 405 nm. 

  • fast curing machine
  • powerful cure - high power UV intensity and irradiance
  • adjusting level (1-5) 
  • optimal wavelengths - 385nm, 395nm, and 405nm
  • user-friendly and easy to use - 3.5"Touch screen
  • to maximize material properties - post-curing is required in order to obtain the final material properties
  • dedicated to the dental industry

Technical Specification

  • Light Source: UV LED
  • Curing Time: 1-10 mins
  • Input Voltage: 100-240 V 50/60Hz
  • Output Voltage: 24V 5.4A
  • Display: 3.5"TFT Touch LCD
  • LED Wavelength: 385/395/405nm
  • LED Power Output: 80W
  • UV Energy Density: 120,000mJ/cm2
  • The irradiance of UV: 400mW/cm2
  • LED Operation Temp: 5-35°C
  • Curing Chamber (Turntable): 120(D)mm x 95(H)
  • Outer Dimension: 250mm x 386mm x 378mm
  • Weight: 9KG


Product specifications

Brand Graphy
Product State New
External stock Ships in 2 to 5 weeks
Country Of Origin South Korea
Technology DLP, mSLA(LCD)
Resin Wavelength (nm) 385, 405
Equipment Types Resin curing
Post Processing for Resin
Product application Dental
Product Size (WxDxH) 250mm x 386mm x 378mm
Product Weight (g) 9000.00
LED Power Output (W) 80.00
Curing Chamber Height (mm) 95.00
Curing Chamber Diameter (mm) 120.00