Carima Resin Ceramic Molding (1KG)

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  • High Fire & Stain Resistance
  • Low Thermal Conductivity
  • High Stiffness
  • For Metal Molding and Ceramic Shells
SKU 89402
Brand Carima

Product description

Carima Resin Ceramic Molding (Castalite) is a UV-curable material for use in metal investment casting processes. This ceramic material is suitable for SLA, DLP, and CLIP 3D Printers. The Resin is designed for making molds such as ceramic shells and castings for metal investment. After kiln firing, Castalite produces a ceramic shell that can be directly poured with bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, gold, silver, nickel, brass, copper, and other metals and alloys. If the mold burns properly, many industrial techniques can be used to cast a lot of metal. 

  • high stiffness
  • high fire and stain resistance
  • low thermal conductivity
  • moderate impact resistance
  • matte surface
  • highly resistant to chemicals and heat
  • ideal for making molds  - ceramic shells, casting for metal investment
  • for DLP, SLA, and CLIP 3D Printers - working with many 3D Printers with wavelengths between 350nm - 405nm

Technical Specification

  • Color: Off White
  • Density: 1.08 g/cm³
  • Specific Gravity @ 3°C: 1.08 g/cm³
  • pH in Water: 7
  • Odor: Acrylic-like
  • Appearance: Opaque
  • Tensile Strength: 66 MPa
  • Flexural Strength: 125 MPa
  • HDT (1.82 MPa): 200°C
  • Viscosity: 2000 cP

Safety Rules

  • Make sure to store the resin in dark and room temperature
  • Always wear protective gloves during working with resin
  • For more information please check the "Downloads" section 


Product specifications

Brand Carima
Color Ivory
Package Size 1 KG
Product State New
Material Group UV Resin
Country Of Origin South Korea
Resin Wavelength (nm) 365, 385, 405
Material Types Resins
Material Properties High Temperature Resistance, Standard
Resin for DLP, SLA
Product application Manufacturing, Education, Industrial, Jewelry, Prototyping
Product Weight (g) 1000.00