Carima Nontoxic CMYK Cyan Resin 0.5 Liter

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Carima Nontoxic CMYK Cyan Resin is a non-toxic mixable material for DLP 3D printers which allows to produce educational models and children's toys.

  • CMYK colors
  • Non-toxic material
  • Mixable material
  • Great strength
SKU: 99333

Product description

Carima's CMYK resin gets equipped with various features and qualities. It's available in five colors that allow users to combine colors freely. Carima's CMYK resin is a non-toxic mixable material without having any irritant or harmful chemical substance. These features make it highly fit for educational purposes and printing toys for children. Moreover, the resin also finds its application in printing models and figures due to its high strength and precision. 

Product specifications

Brand Carima
Color Blue
Package Size 0.5 Liter
Product State New
Material Group UV Resin
Country Of Origin South Korea
Shore hardness D83
Material Types Resins
Material Properties Precise, Strong
Product application Education, Hobby
Resin Wavelength (nm) 405
Resin for DLP, Mono LCD

Product summary

SKU 99333
Brand Carima


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