Carima Engineering Elastic ToughRubber Resin

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Carima Engineering Elastic ToughRubber Resin is an elastomer for DLP 3D printers and suitable for making parts which require elasticity like rubber or technical foams.

  • An elastomer type of material
  • Great tensile strength and elongation
  • To manufacture rubber like parts
SKU 89394
Brand Carima
Industries Manufacturing
Technologies DLP

Product description

Elastic Tough Rubber or ETR is an additive used more in rubber products manufacturing such as polyurethane and or foam manufacturing industries. It is incomparably the toughest AM elastomer available in the market. ETR possesses a tear strength of 30 kN/m and tensile strength of 20 mPa with 200% elongation. ETR impersonates the properties of Pebax and Elastollan that are leading products in injection molded thermoplastic polyurethane category. If anyone wants to manufacture products from technical foam, polyurethane or rubber, ETR is the best product to be used for manufacturing end products.

Product specifications

Brand Carima
Product State New
Country Of Origin South Korea
Color Black
Package Size 0.5 KG
Material Group UV Resin
3D Printer Application Manufacturing
Technology DLP
Resin Wavelength (nm) 405
Material Types Resins
Material Properties Elastic
Product application Industrial