Carima DM400

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  • Enormous Printing Size - 400x330x500mm 
  • 6x Faster Printing than SLA
  • Mass Production and High Precision
  • Dual 2K Ultra HD Engine
  • Industrial DLP 3D Printer

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SKU 89371
Brand Carima
Industries Manufacturing
Technologies DLP

Product description

Carima DM400 is the World's First Ultra Large Build Size DLP-type 3D Printer. DM400 has 2K DLP projectors with a high output of 133μm (pixels), high resolution, and high light intensity installed in parallel. It is the industrial 3D Printer that can be used for large-scale or mass production, optimized for printing high-precision prototypes and special rubber parts. 

With DM400 it is possible to produce large quantities of prints at a fast time. In addition, for efficient and stable printing, it is provided with Slicer V2, a user-friendly slicing program developed by Carima, or Magics for Carima from Materialise. 

  • extra large DLP 3D Printer - 400x330x500mm. This is the first large build-size 3D Printer with single exposure at a single layer
  • dual ultra HD engine - dual 2K engines (dual 2560x1600) Top-down method.
  • huge productivity, mass production - enables to print of large models and big amounts of precise models. 
  • high printing speed - up to 6x faster than SLA Printers
  • possible to print high-viscosity materials - can print with functional resins such as elastomers, silicone-like resins, and ceramics composites.
  • high surface finish and precision - pixel size (X/Y) native 133μm
  • ideal for industrial purposes - ideal for printing big amounts of jig and fixtures models or dental models, or automobile, and aerospace sectors. Can be used in any industry!

Technical Specification

  • Technology: DLP
  • Build Size: 400mm x 330mm x 500mm
  • Pixel Size  (X/Y): 133μm
  • Layer Thickness: 50, 100, 125, 150μm
  • Engine Light Source: 405nm  UV LED
  • Engine Resolution: Dual 2K 2560x1600
  • Input File Format: STL/OBJ/AMF/SLC/PLY/SVG
  • Software: Carima Slicer V2/ ChituBox Pro
  • Product Size: 540mm x 390mm x 780mm
  • Product Weight: 750kg
  • Input Power: AC100 - 220V - 50-60Hz 20A


Product specifications

Brand Carima
3D Printer Types Resin Printers
Build size Extra large
Product State New
Country Of Origin South Korea
3D Printer UV Bandwidth 405nm
Print Resolution (µm) 133
Projection technology DLP
External stock Availability on request
3D Printer Application Manufacturing
Technology DLP
Resin Wavelength (nm) 405
Machine Serie Carima DM400
Product application Manufacturing, Industrial, Prototyping
Expert level Professional
Product Size (WxDxH) 1050mm x 1210mm x 1881mm
XY Resolution (micron) 133.00
Product Weight (g) 750000.00
Minimal layer height (microns) 50.00
Build volume width (mm) 400.00

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