Deal! 3DMakerpro Scanner Magic Swift Plus Premium

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  • High Accuracy - up to 0.1mm
  • No Marker Scanning
  • Scanner with Turntable
  • Easy to Operate
SKU 99823
Brand 3DMakerpro

Product description

3DMakerpro Scanner Magic Swift Plus is a consumer handheld 3D Scanner with industry-grade accuracy. With Magic Swift Plus you can easily operate the device, receive high accuracy, and great efficiency and you can capture fine details. Inside the box, you will receive a scanner, data transmission cable, power adapter and plugs, turntable control line, turntable, tripod, and the carrying case.

  • supreme accuracy  - easily creates high-quality 3D models with an accuracy of up to 0.1mm
  • wide capture range - you can scan large objects because of the single shot range of 400x250mm
  • high resolution - doubled 3D resolution to capture much more details, the resolution is about 0.25mm
  • no-marker scanning - because of the high-speed real-time visual tracking can be realized and the markers are not needed
  • automatic optimization - with a powerful software system, it can realize model stitching and rebuilding within one click once finishing the scanning process
  • duel modes - in the turntable mode, the automatic scanning process can provide you with a convenient user experience, while it is also flexible and easy to operate in the handheld mode
  • true color fidelity - it can work with a color expansion kit, so you can use a high-quality mobile phone camera or DSLR camera to capture exquisite color texture, and then automatically map the colors onto the 3D model through software
  • scan in bright sunlight - high environmental adaptability
  • very easy to use

Technical Specification

  • Accuracy: 0.1 mm
  • Scan Speed: 400,000 points/s
  • Frame Rate: 10fps
  • Resolution: 0.25mm
  • Working Distance: 650±250mm
  • Single capture range: 400x250mm
  • Light Source: LED
  • Output Formats: OBJ, STL, ASC
  • Output: 12V/2A 24W
  • Weight: 0.8kg
  • Size of Scanner: 290mm × 120mm × 55 mm


Product specifications

Brand 3DMakerpro
Product State New
Country Of Origin China
Promo title Deal
Size Medium
Product application Education, Hobby, Medical
Accessory Types 3D Scanner
Manufacturer EAN 6975925240029
Product Size (WxDxH) 290mm x 120mm x 55mm
Scan Area (mm) 400 x 250
Product Weight (g) 800.00
Accuracy (μm) 100.00
Point Spacing (mm) 0.2500