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3DGence Material Management System

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3DGence Material Management System is a professional material storage, preparation, and post-print annealing solution. 

  • Traceability & Connectivity
  • Multi-Material Storage
  • More Durable & Accurate Prints
  • Automated Material Preparation

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SKU 100312
Brand 3DGence

Product description

3DGence Material Management System is a professional solution for material storage, preparation, and post-print annealing - making successful printing of Ultra-Polymers like PEEK, ULTEM, and composites accurate and simplified. As the shift from prototyping to end-use parts has become a reality through industrial-grade 3D printers and advanced materials, automation and pre-configuration ensure print success.

Improper handling and preparation of materials can result in moisture creep, print failures, warping, and low visual quality – resulting in inaccurate parts and significantly reduced productivity.

Ensure print productivity, part integrity, and the highest quality with our Material Management System. 

  • traceability & connectivity- each spool of material purchased from 3DGence is equipped with an NFC tag with a unique ID. Once selected, the material is registered by scanning to the MMS and integrated with 3DGence CONNECT. The material associated with the print is traced in the print process and can be viewed on the MMS or 3DGence INDUSTRY line printer
  • automated material preparation - the capability to post-anneal  PAEK materials results in significantly enhanced strength, durability, and anti-corrosivity
  • multi-material storage 
  • high-temperature part annealing - annealing PAEK materials after 3D printing results in enhanced strength, durability, and chemical resistance. The 3DGence MMS  system includes a compartment that can also be used for annealing,  in addition to material preparation
  • throughout & successful prints - MMS pre-programmed preparation  modes ensure durable and accurate prints without visual defects

Technical Specification

  • Size 3 chambers: 850 x 630 x 1740mm
  • Size 6 chambers:  1560 x 630 x 1740mm
  • Working Temperature: 10-28℃, relative humidity 30-60%
  • Power: 230V AC (3chambers), 2x230V AC (6 chambers) and 50-60Hz
  • Operating Temperatures: 50-200℃
  • Connection: WiFi, LAN, USB
  • Drying chamber space: 470 x 260 x 320mm
  • Number of material slots in one chamber:
  • Number of chambers in the dryer: depends on version (3 or 6 chambers)
  • Weight: 190kg


Product specifications

Brand 3DGence
Product State New
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Country Of Origin Poland
Size Extra Large
Accessory Types Filament storage

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